Monday, December 31, 2012

Terengganu stadium set for night matches

Source : NST Online

CHANCES are that their players won't have to huff and puff under the hot sun.

Terengganu and T-Team are expected to be spared the discomfort of playing their home matches at Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah Stadium in the afternoon when the Super League starts on Jan 8.
While the stadium is still not bright enough for night matches at the moment, T-Team chief executive officer, Abdul Rashid Jusoh, is confident its illumination level will surpass the minimum requirement of 1,000 lux by the time Terengganu take on Felda United FC in the opening round.

"Works on the lighting system is in progress even as we speak.
"I have no doubt that we will be able to play our first home match against Kelantan on Jan 12 at night.
"This is nothing new really as every year just before the start of the new season, most stadiums in the country fail to meet the FAM's minimum lighting requirement early on but often manage to rectify the problem soon after," he said.
Abdul Rashid said the same is true with the home venue for T-Team and Terengganu whose floodlights need a little tinkering every now and again.
"The main problem here is the uneven lux readings as some places on the field register readings of more than 1,000 lux while at some other points on the pitch, the readings are below 1,000 lux.
"The state government had spent quite a lot of money in the past few seasons to fix the lighting system at the stadium and surely, the problem is not that serious now," he said.
Abdul Rashid said FAM officials were supposed to come down for the lighting inspection at the stadium last week.
"But they had to cancel the trip as the weather here was bad and up until now, we have yet to be told of the new inspection date although we were told by the Terengganu FA people that the inspection party from FAM will be here soon.
"Anyway, we can all judge the brightness level of the floodlights for ourselves tonight (yesterday) as The Titans (T-Team) are scheduled to take on the Turtles (Terengganu) in a friendly match at the stadium," he said.
Terengganu FA president Datuk Che Mat Jusoh is not worried about the prospect of Terengganu playing their home matches under the hot afternoon sun.
He told the state association's congress on Saturday that the Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah Stadium should be ready for night matches before the new season begins.

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